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Cross-border data flows underpin today’s life and economy, from messaging, e-commerce to financial flows. UNCTAD just released its Digital Economy Report 2021, titled “Cross border data flows and development: For whom the data flows”, which takes a deep dive into the development and policy implications of cross-border flows of digital data. Do you want to understand a bit more about the current fragmented landscape in which we live? Then, don’t miss the reading!

In this edition we will also take you to the WTO Public Forum 2021, which just closed its doors and explored possible paths for an inclusive recovery, including through the digitalization lens. We hand-picked some sessions organized with and by several of our eTrade for all partners. Take the time to read the summaries and (re)watch the sessions you missed.

Also, the African Continental Free Trade Area, aka the AfCFTA, which will include an e-commerce protocol fast-tracked to be completed by December 2021, is raising a lot of questions and interest. UNDP organized with ECA, ITC, UNCTAD and the African Technology and Creative Group an informative dialogue on the main issues at stake. Check out the recordings available further down!

We hope that you enjoy the reading & continue to stay safe!

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