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A very busy month for several of our partners! As mentioned in previous editions, the eTrade for all global review on the impact of COVID-19 on e-commerce, was finally released. The report offers a snapshot of policy responses and early measures taken since the early stages of the pandemic both by governments and businesses across the various policy areas, and in the various regions. Findings and trends were discussed during a dedicated High-level Policy Dialogue and in a special session during the WTO Aid-for-Trade Stocktaking event. Further details in the dedicated section here below.

The WTO Aid-for-Trade Stocktaking event, as a whole, offered an additional opportunity to discuss the trade impacts of COVID-19 and stress the need for more resources, to support resilience and recovery efforts. Trade can be the engine of recovery for developing and developing countries, and spur a greener and more inclusive digital economy. Discover our digest of key events.

The World Summit on the Information Society Forum (WSIS) 2021 which represents one of the largest meetings on the ICT community, is gathering from March until May - in virtual format- under the theme “ICTs for inclusive, resilient ans sustainable societies and economies”.  eTrade for Women joined the Opening session bringing the voice of digital entrepreneurs to the table.

And last but not least, with all the increased needs for information and resources, we have taken the opportunity to offer our platform a light face-lift. We enhanced navigation and kept the interface that you have come to like. We are still working on the French and Spanish versions. Coming to you soon!

Have you also noticed something new? Yes, we have also updated the e-readiness indicators! Discover the country profiles, just released!

Until then, stay safe!

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