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How will you benefit from eTrade for all?

eTrade for all connects the dots between beneficiary countries, partners and donors so everyone can get more from e-commerce.

Developing countries
  • Get a clearer view of how to drive development through e-commerce
  • Identify the right development solutions for your needs
  • Connect with potential partners
  • Get a better understanding of funding options
  • Gather feedback from the field
  • Benefit from greater transparency and aid efficiency
  • Raise awareness of your programmes
  • Connect with new audiences
  • Exchange, learn and foster synergies
7 policy areas

What do you need assistance with?

You’ll find a wealth of services related to e-commerce - both technical and financial - to help you build your capacities to drive e-commerce for development. But which are best for you? To help you navigate, eTrade for all is organized around 7 key policy areas.

So, depending on your needs, you can search for programmes covering e-commerce, ICT infrastructure and services, payments, logistics, legal and regulatory frameworks, skill development, and financing for e-commerce readiness.