Annual reports

Here you can find the annual reports of the eTrade for all initiative: our  ‘Year in  Review’ !

These reports retrace the first milestones of the initiative during its first years of existence and pave the way forward.



Welcome to the second edition of the eTrade for all Year in Review 2018-2019!

You will discover how the partnership has been consolidating its shared work of building a more inclusive and sustainable future for all economies, by turning digital opportunities into development gains. You will learn about the scope, impact and way forward of its main spin-off, the UNCTAD Rapid eTrade Readiness Assessments of Least Developed Countries. You will read about the deep and constant involvement of eTrade for all partners in the UNCTAD eCommerce Weeks. And you will also discover its work on building networks, with the implementation of the WEF-UNCTAD-led Pan-African Community on eTrade, and the new eTrade for Women Initiative, which will certainly be supported and leveraged by many eTrade for all partners. You will also (re)discover the tools available through the eTrade for all platform to support beneficiaries, partners and donors, to have a glimpse of «what’s on» in e-commerce and the digital economy, in one single place.


Welcome to the first edition of the eTrade for all Year in Review 2017-2018!

Global efforts are needed to minimize the risk of widening the digital gaps. Given the multifaceted character of the digital economy, policymakers should holistically address a wide range of policy areas to maximize potential benefits. Such an approach requires effective cross-sectoral cooperation within Governments and with other stakeholders. This is one of the main reasons that encouraged UNCTAD to take the lead on the eTrade for all initiative. Launched in July 2016, it is a collaborative effort to scale up cooperation, transparency and aid-efficiency in the field of inclusive e-commerce. This report will give you a snapshot of the first achievements of the initiative since its launch, and will give you a glimpse of the foreseen progress for the year to come.