Dear all,

Welcome to the summer edition of the newsletter. This time we’ll take you to the Aid-for Trade Review. Navigate through the priorities that countries and donors have highlighted, including digital connectivity and women empowerment, for sustainable trade. As often, in face of the urgent priorities identified, much scope remains to close the financing gaps in this area.

Another useful resource released during the summer is the WBG’s Global Findex Database 2021. 123 countries were surveyed confirming the boost that the COVID-19 pandemic gave to the use of financial services and digital payments. We have highlighted some key findings for easy use.

In August, the UN also released the 3rd brief by the Global Crisis Response Group on the global impact of the war in Ukraine. Special attention is given to energy policy recommendations and the use of smart digitalization tools and processes.

And last but not least… we have now a new dedicated page on podcasts on the eTrade for all platform. As podcasts become a more and more useful and sought for resource, we’ve heard your call.

Enjoy the reading!