What we do

eTrade for all is a multi-stakeholder initiative committed to making the digital economy more inclusive. In addition to being a trusted and appreciated information hub on the various resources available to facilitate developing countries’ journey to e-commerce, it strives to advance the dialogue on the development impacts of digital transformation.

We connect the dots between:

Developing countries, as to allow them to:
  • Get a better overview of the resources available on e-commerce and the digital economy at the global and regional level
  • Identify the relevant technical assistance programme through our Development Solutions
  • Connect with the corresponding partners able to assist them in one or more of the 7 policy areas
Our partners so that they can :
  • Increase awareness about their available technical assistance programmes through our Development Solutions
  • Raise the profile of their digital agenda
  • Benefit from concrete opportunities to support countries in their field of expertise through a collaborative approach.
Donors, as to allow them to :
  • Get a clearer picture of existing technical assistance programmes and projects, which meet their development priorities in one or more of the 7 policy areas
  • Benefit from increased transparency and aid efficiency in the digital for development area

Impact and Results

Over the past years, eTrade for All has consistently yielded tangible results. This initiative is dedicated to enhancing collaboration among partners, leveraging mutual synergies, and promoting an insightful dialogue on the developmental impacts of digital transformation. By increasing opportunities for collaboration, eTrade for All has played a pivotal role in fostering meaningful connections and advancing the understanding of the potential of digital transformation in driving development.

UNCTAD eWeek Logo

UNCTAD eWeek: eTrade for all partners are key contributors to the global leading forum where public and private stakeholders, as well as civil society, engage in a conversation about the development implications of e-commerce and the increased  digitalization of the economies.

eT Readies (eTrade Readiness Assessments ): Empowering policymakers with key knowledge. These assessments are a powerful policy tool that allow developing countries to understand and assess their e-commerce ecosystem and design policies that can effectively unlock the potential of e-commerce and digital technologies for development.

eTrade for Women : Building sustainable networks to empower women entrepreneurs in developing countries. This programme aims at making women digital entrepreneurs a force for inclusive wealth creation by leveraging the work and visibility of a selected group of leading women digital entrepreneurs from developing regions, the eTrade for Women Advocates.

Our Unique Tools

At the heart of our initiative is its online platform. This information hub helps developing countries navigate the wealth of technical and financial resources they can use to drive development through e-commerce. Through the platform, beneficiary countries, donors and partners can connect, learn about available technical assistance programmes (the so-called Development Solutions), access up-to-date e-commerce data with our country profiles, and be informed of upcoming e-commerce events with our interactive calendar.


Our technical assistance factsheets present the capacity-building programs of our partners related to the digital economy. They are classified according to the seven key policy areas for easy navigation. With these Development Solutions, beneficiaries can identify the programmes of interest to them and get in touch directly with the corresponding eTrade for all partner to explore cooperation opportunities or learn more about their respective activities. The Development Solutions are classified according to the 7 key policy areas for easy navigation and access to the corresponding area of action.

Get specific data through our COUNTRY PROFILES

Our up-to-date country profiles – organised along the seven policy areas of our initiative- offer relevant key data and a quick overview of the e-commerce landscape in a given country, and across regions. Search them in English, French, or Spanish to view the e-commerce ecosystem in the country of your interest.

Learn through our PUBLICATIONS

Through our comprehensive selection of regularly updated publications from our partners, stay up-to-date on the multifaceted dimensions of the digital economy.

Stay up-to-date with our NEWS

Our selection of news is updated regularly to allow users to stay abreast of relevant information from our partners on the digital economy.

Learn and participate in our EVENTS

All major events organised by our partners in the digital economy are available on our platform: relevant background information and registration criteria are detailed under each event entry.

Stay informed with our monthly NEWSLETTER
Our monthly e-newsletter on the digital economy features a unique mix of:

  • In-depth analysis of the latest news from our partners
  • In focus pieces on our partners’ work and digital for development agenda
  • Key upcoming events to attend
  • Latest publications from our partner

Find specific resources in our COVID-19 REPOSITORY
You will find a repository of useful resources from our partners providing insights, briefs, publications and overall guidance to cope with COVID-19 in the context of e-commerce and the digital economy.