What is a Development Solution?

The Development Solutions are technical assistance factsheets: they present the capacity-building programs of each of our partners, as they relate to e-commerce and the digital economy, in one or more of the 7 key policy areas identified by the initiative. With these Development Solutions, you can identify the programmes of interest to you and get in touch directly with the corresponding eTrade for all partners to explore cooperation opportunities or learn more about their respective activities.

What are the benefits

Through our Development Solutions, stakeholders can better learn about activities carried out by our partners in the areas of their interest and reach out directly to them. We go beyond mapping the technical assistance projects offered by our partners, but we offer a global helpdesk solution. We put in touch those in need of technical assistance, with those who could provide that assistance. No intermediaries. Beneficiaries are just one click away from the help they may need.

The value-added

Beneficiary Countries
  • Identify the technical assistance programme that best meets their needs and
  • Get in touch with the relevant partner(s) able to assist them in one or more of the 7 key policy areas
  • Increase awareness about their available technical assistance programmes and
  • Benefit from concrete opportunities to support countries in their field of expertise through a collaborative approach
  • Get a clearer picture of technical assistance programmes and projects meeting their development priorities in one or more of the 7 policy areas