2023 UNCTAD eWeek | Post-event message

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UNCTAD eWeek (4-8 December) was a knowledge fair where thousands of participants from all continents gathered to exchange information, share new ideas, and gain fresh perspectives on AI, data, and e-trade.

During eWeek, Diplo and UNCTAD (with the support of the Omidyar Foundation) made history by providing hybrid reporting of rich knowledge exchange in Geneva and online.

AI and experts summarised and preserved knowledge from eWeek for future policymaking and academic research on digital developments.

The knowledge graph below depicts the breadth and depth of eWeek discussions.

Knowledge graph of UNCTAD eWeek
2023 UNCTAD eWeek | Post-event message 3

Each line in the graph presents knowledge linkages among topics, arguments and insights in the corpus of 1,440,706 words analogous to the volume of 2,45 War and Peace novel.

You can unpack the above graph and dive deep into eWeek knowledge ecology by consulting reports

  • from 126 Sessions
  • featuring 624 Speakers
  • delivering 833 Statements
  • making 7074 Arguments visualised as ‘knowledge traffic light’ bellow
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