UN Global Digital Compact

Possible elements of the Global Digital Compact outlined by co-facilitators

As the process towards a Global Digital Compact (GDC) advances, the co-facilitators – the Permanent Missions of Sweden and Zambia to the United Nations – have published a document outlining ‘possible structural elements’ of the GDC.

These elements, which ‘do not constitute specific language proposals’, include:

  • preamble to reaffirm, among other elements, that the foundations of strengthened digital cooperation (including the governance of emerging digital technologies) are the UN Charter, the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and Agenda 2030.
  • A section on principles to guide digital cooperation, such as: closing the digital divide; protecting human rights; advancing inclusive access to digital technologies; promoting responsible and accountable development of digital technologies; and recognising the role and responsibility of governments, private sector, civil society, and the UN and other international organisations within their respective mandates.
  • A section on commitments and actions, structured around four main areas: closing the digital divide and accelerating progress across the SDGs; fostering an inclusive, open, safe, and secure digital space; advancing data governance; and governing emerging technologies, including artificial intelligence.
  • A section on follow-up and review, to include elements such as monitoring implementation and reviewing progress against commitments; promoting coherence and coordination among stakeholders; and building on existing mechanisms and avoiding duplication.

Member states, observers, and stakeholders are invited to provide input and comments on these possible structural elements on the GDC in two ways:

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