Introduction to digital trade regulations in Asia and Latin America

October 16
 – November 26

Dear ARTNeT colleagues,

As part of the FEALAC project, ECLAC and ESCAP are pleased to announce an upcoming online course on “Introduction to digital trade regulations in Asia and Latin America”, scheduled for 16 October to 26 November. The course will include six self-learning modules and facilitated live sessions that run parallelly in Asia-Pacific and LAC regions.

This course will shed light on this topic by introducing the concept of digital trade and its regulations, highlighting the importance of informed policy-making decisions, including in the context of the recent negotiations of trade agreements. We cordially invite particularly policymakers from the Ministries responsible for trade, investment, e-commerce, and the digital economy. We also welcome policy analysts and researchers to enroll in our online course

For more information, including how to register, please visit Asia-Pacific and LAC event pages.

Best regards,
ARTNeT Secretariat