Global Findex Report

June 29
9:00 am

– Watch with simultaneous interpretation in: Français | العربية | Español –

Financial inclusion is a cornerstone of development, and since 2011, the Global Findex Database has been the definitive source of data on global access to financial services from payments to savings and borrowing. The 2021 edition, based on nationally representative surveys of over 125,000 adults in 123 economies during the COVID-19 pandemic, contains updated indicators on access to and use of formal and informal financial services and digital payments, and offers insights into the behaviors that enable financial resilience. The data also identify gaps in access to and usage of financial services by women and poor adults.

The Global Findex Database has been published every three years since 2011 and has become an indispensable tool for policymakers, researchers, practitioners, media and the development community. This event is an opportunity to raise global awareness on progress in inclusive access to and use of digital financial services in all regions of developing economies, identify remaining gaps, especially among women and poor adults, and reinforce the importance of financial inclusion as a critical investment to build inclusive, resilient economies.

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