E-commerce tips from peers

4:00 pm
 – 4:15 pm
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Do you want to hear AUTHENTIC stories from GENUINE entrepreneurs?

Then, this is your event!

Each month, we will invite e-commerce entrepreneurs from developing and least developed countries to share during 15 minutes practical e-commerce insights, actionable tips and innovative approaches that can inspire YOU!

👩‍💻Who is our featured entrepreneur in June?
Meet Rebeca, founder of Gato Negro, a Costa Rican brand of contemporary textile jewelry, inspired by artisanal techniques and the organic textures of upcycled materials. From necklaces and rings to keychains, each piece tells a story that brings customers closer to the Costa Rican identity.

Rebeca strongly believes in collaborating for good and giving back to the community: she works with other local artisans to share knowledge and create stunning sustainable pieces.

➡Don’t miss this opportunity to ask her questions!

June 15, from 5-5.20 PM (CEST) / 9-9.20 AM (CST)