E-Commerce & Cyber Security : Protecting the Consumer + Employee Data

12:00 pm
 – 1:00 pm

Geneva-Tsinghua Initiative (GTI)


In the age of big data, the digital economy and the digital world, one of the most critical components of online business is creating a trusted environment where potential customers can feel confident making their purchases online. Millions of people’s data, especially during online transactions on the internet, is shared by us all every day. This includes sensitive information like credit card numbers, personal identification numbers and login credentials which should be, but are not always, secure. Data security and privacy protection are essential for cybersecurity.

Event objectives:

This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and understanding of the most recent, critical cybersecurity challenges and difficulties in the e-commerce sector. This workshop aims to raise cyberspace security awareness and best practices worldwide to empower citizens with the knowledge of how to stay safe online and ensure more safe and secure internet spaces for all. By leveraging global expertise from different stakeholders in academic, private sectors and non-profit organisations, this panel will bring together a diverse set of experts to help you navigate yourself in cyberspace.