Tipti CEO Pierangela Sierra


Pierangela Sierra, founder and CEO of online shopping and delivery platform Tipti, and an e-trade women’s advocate, joins us to discuss e-commerce, growth and opportunities, and encouraging women entrepreneurs:
  • Using the mail to keep in touch
  • What Tipti is, and how it was created
  • Mobile and internet adoption in Ecuador
  • The pandemic’s impact on online grocery
  • Future growth in e-commerce in Ecuador and Latin America
  • The role of the post in encouraging e-commerce
  • Environmental impact of e-commerce delivery
  • Gender equality and forging a career in Latin America Startups and women
  • Female representation in Tipti, and empowering women
  • How UNCTAD helps women and entrepreneurs


Pierangela Sierra
Founder and CEO of online shopping and delivery platform Tipti
eTrade for Women’s advocate