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Saudi Post – Customers’ touchpoint with the future


In Saudi Arabia, a young and ambitious country strategically positioned at the intersection of three continents, the postal sector shares the dynamism, ambition, and boldness of the nation’s Vision 2030. In recent years, the country’s postal services have undergone profound transformations, including transferring the authority for the sector from the Ministry of Communications to the Ministry of Transport and Logistics, allowing data to take centre stage in setting postal strategy, diversifying the post into healthcare, and supporting government services for improved quality of life. These strides do not only dramatically increase the postal value proposition to customers, making the post more relevant, but they also put Saudi Post in the spotlight as a regional leader and an interesting global success story. The post views seizing the opportunities of digital transformation, using technology in new and creative ways, and forging forward-looking partnerships as fundamental elements in the success of its new business model.

Just a few days ahead of the historic UPU Extraordinary Congress in Riyadh, Ian Kerr spoke to H.E. Anef Abanomi, President of Saudi Post, about how the postal operator is turning into a touchpoint between government agencies, businesses and their customers, what digitalization has to do with it, and what hosting the global postal community means to the country.