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Innovation as a driver of opportunity


Historically traditional and closed sector, the postal and courier industry has become one of the earliest adopters and the primary testing ground for the latest last-mile innovations over the past decades. Once praised for their silence, postal electric vehicles are now driving the green transition across supply chains globally, advancing a more sustainable future for all.

Conversely, technical innovation and increased delivery options and speed can at times encourage irresponsible consumption patterns, offsetting the industry’s own environmental achievements. Ahead of the Parcel+Post Expo, the leading global postal trade show, and UPU’s annual World Leaders Forum, held on its sidelines, Ian Kerr spoke to Tony Robinson, CEO of UKI Media & Events and Founder of the Expo, about how to combine delivery efficiency with sustainability, which technologies will shape the future of the Post, and why cross-sector collaboration is important to accelerate their adoption.


Tony Robinson
CEO of UKI Media & Events
Founder of the Expo


Ian Kerr