Diplo is as Swiss-Maltese non-governmental organisation that specialises on capacity development in the field of Internet governance and digital policy. Established in 2002, Diplo, among other things, works to improve the role of small and developing states in global diplomacy by:

  • training officials through online courses, workshops and simulation exercises;
  • developing capacity on Internet governance, cybersecurity, data, artificial intelligence, and other emerging tech issues;
  • promoting and developing digital tools for inclusive and impactful governance and policy-making.

Over the years, Diplo has successfully trained over 6,600 alumni from 203 countries and territories, including individuals working in governments, the private and civil sector, media, and academia.

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In the 8th episode of DigitalDots Talks, we discuss the different ways in which our worldwide economy is going digital. For this, we have invited Torbjörn Frederiksson, Head of E-commerce and Digital Economy at the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD). We talk about big and familiar platforms like Google, Facebook and Amazon, about the power of big data, but also about many other ways in which our economies are influenced by increasing digitalisation. What is the digital economy and how do we include everyone in it?

How can we make sure that anyone can benefit from the quick developments in this domain? These are questions we will cover in this new episode of DigitalDots Talks. The interview is conducted by Lars Tummers, Ambassador and Deputy Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Geneva.