Discover the seminar and workshop at Parcel+Post Expo this year, including:

  • Defining the parcel locker
  • Technology and lockers

Paul Donohoe, Manager Digital Economy & Trade Programme at the UPU, joins me to discuss the World Trade Organization’s Trade Facilitation Agreement (TFA):

  • What the TFA means for cross-border e-commerce
  • What it means for postal operators
  • How cross-border trade has been “parcelised” and what that means for border clearance
  • What the UPU is doing regarding the TFA
  • Harmonisation and cost reduction in the postal channel
  • Standardised forms (e.g. for customs)
  • Electronic exchange of information (including CDS platform)
  • EAD and the STOP Act
  • The post as a trade enabling network
  • The UPU’s study

Listen to the podcast and discover more about this seminar here