G7 2023 Hiroshima summit

WCO Welcomes G7 Trade Ministers’ Statement on Enhancing Global Trade and Customs Operations

The G7 Trade Ministers issued a Statement at a meeting in Osaka-Sakai on 29 October 2023, outlining various policies necessitating actions by Customs administrations. These areas include enhancing supply chain resilience, regulating e-commerce, and addressing the interplay between trade and environmental/climate change issues. The statement is available here.

Notably, the Ministers expressed their commitment to strengthen engagement with emerging and developing economies in areas of Trade and Development. They underscored the importance of making the multilateral trade system more inclusive, recognizing the critical role of capacity building through the World Customs Organization (WCO). They also noted the need for training Customs officers to expedite Customs procedures, particularly for the rapid processing of emergency relief supplies.

The WCO welcomes this ministerial statement. Dr. Kunio Mikuriya, WCO Secretary General, commented on the statement, saying, “The WCO reaffirms its commitment to enhancing inclusiveness in the multilateral trade system, supporting supply chain resilience and addressing challenges posed by e-commerce. We aim to achieve these goals through strengthened cooperation with emerging and developing economies and by leveraging our expertise and global network.”

This endorsement by the G7 Trade Ministers highlights the growing importance of international cooperation in addressing the multifaceted challenges of modern commerce and emphasizes the vital role that Customs plays in promoting efficient and responsible global trade.

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