New UPU report calls for surge in the postal sector’s digital transformation rate

Report by the Universal Postal Union highlights enormous potential of international postal network; identifies key success factors needed to maintain competitive advantages

Berne, 9 May 2019. The Universal Postal Union (UPU) today launched a new flagship publication outlining the international postal network’s contribution to the digital economy and its potential to provide e-government, e-commerce, and e-finance services.

“We have seen real advances in digital transformation of the sector. Data shows how Posts can help governments implement international, regional and national digital transformation strategies. Posts are becoming key to ensuring digital inclusion for every society,” said Daniel Nieto, UPU Expert, Digital Inclusion and Policies.

Using data gathered from 125 postal operators, The digital economy and digital postal activities – a global panorama report benchmarks digital postal services among UPU member countries, as well as the environment affecting their development. The publication also contains a new version of the UPU Technology Radar offering insights into the technological trends having the greatest impact on the postal sector in the future.

The report found that 93 percent of the operators questioned provide digital services either directly or in partnership with others. Another 73 percent indicate they have increased their investments in digital postal services. According to the report, however, 56 percent of those questioned are doubtful their investment is sufficient to ensure a full deployment of digital services.

Published as an essential aid to the postal sector, the report shows how Posts can compare their own digital capacity with the activities of others in the same region or at a similar development level. The report is also an indispensable tool for governments and policymakers seeking to position the Post as a vehicle to deliver digital inclusion, to advance digitalization and to help achieve the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

“Dynamic digital transformation must be the aim of the entire international postal sector. With its wealth of data, this publication is an authoritative reference for the international community and institutions. The report also provides a holistic approach to Posts in the digital age and highlights their role as facilitators of the private sector in addressing global policy issues.” added Mr Nieto.

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