ICAO - Unlocking the future - Aviation Fair 2024

Unlocking the future: ICAO’s 2024 Innovation Fair on digital aviation

We are less than two months away from exploring the future of aviation during ICAO’s 2024 Innovation Fair, where the theme is set: “Digital Aviation: the Future is Now.” This three-day event promises substantive conversations among representatives from States, international organizations, industry, private sector, academia, aviation research, United Nations, and non-governmental organizations. Together, we’ll delve into innovation in aviation and discuss how to adapt systems, processes, and structures to ensure that future innovations bring value to aviation and contribute to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

Day 1: March 12, 2024

The fair kicks off with a focus on start-ups, academia, and research centers, sharing their experiences with innovative digital technologies and services for aviation. Join us as the finalists of the ICAO Innovation Competition present their groundbreaking ideas. The Directors General Panel will discuss strategies for a “Civil Aviation Authority 2.0,” exploring digital ideas to serve the aviation ecosystem and benefit the community.

The day continues with engaging activities, including “My Thesis in 180 Seconds,” where students from global universities present their aviation-related STEM theses. Later, during Sky Talks, industry experts will share their insights.

Day 2: March 13, 2024

Day two dives into the realm of digital twins in aviation, exploring the opportunities created by capturing physical assets in a digital format. Industry experts, including Mr. John Gradek and Mr. Robert Freitag, will shed light on the transformative potential of this technology.

The fternoon session focuses on the challenges posed by the digitalization of the aviation system. Join thought leaders, including Ms. Anna Von Groote and Mr. Getinet Tadesse, as they explore how civil aviation authorities can navigate the complexities and prepare for a responsible use of innovation.

The day concludes with a welcome reception, providing an opportunity for networking and informal discussions.

Day 3: March 14, 2024

The final day explores how digital information management and data exchange are transforming the movement of people and goods. Attend the start-up roundtable moderated by Mr. Richard Chenier, where start-ups discuss engaging with States and aviation stakeholders. Later, dive into the world of digitalizing certification processes with speakers like Mr. Alain Leroy and Mr. Roei Ganzarski. The highlight of this day is the ICAO Competition on Innovation, featuring presentations from the three finalist teams and the announcement of the winning team.

Network at the reception, take away new insights, connections, and inspiration for the future of digital aviation. Join us for the 2024 ICAO Innovation Fair and be a part of shaping the future of aviation!

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