Experts online meeting

UNIDO convenes experts on digitalization, innovation and the Fourth Industrial Revolution

UNIDO is supporting Member States to design policies and to help firms to improve productive activities with digital transformation and artificial intelligence (AI). As part of the UNIDO project, “Digital transformation, innovation, and 4IR: Regional Studies”, UNIDO has convened a series of discussions with experts from different continents.

The goal is to produce analytical reports, differentiated by a macro-region, that will help UNIDO develop an understanding of how it can support productive transformation and small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in each region, and identify the main bottlenecks for innovation.

In 2023, UNIDO will proceed with consultations with Members States and organize support for policy design and decision-making so that countries can better adopt frontier technologies, digitalization and AI for policy, and so that firms can benefit from toolkits and methodologies.

For more information, please contact:
Marco Kamiya
Chief of Digital transformation and AI Strategies Division

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