Call for papers on Multinational firms and gender equality!

Transnational Corporations is a longstanding policy-oriented refereed research journal on issues related to investment, multinational enterprises and development. It is an official journal of the United Nations, managed by UNCTAD. As such it has a global reach, a strong development policy imprint, and high potential for impact beyond the scholarly community.

Transnational Corporations aims thus to provide a bridge between academia and the policymaking community. It welcomes contributions from the academic community, policymakers, research institutes, international organisations, and others.

The journal provides a unique venue for authors’ research to contribute to, and impact on, regional, national and international policymaking processes.

More information on the Journal here.

A special issue of UNCTAD’s Transnational Corporations Journal  will focus on the role of multinational firms in promoting women’s empowerment and gender equality across the world.


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