Road to World IP Day 2024: Nominate change makers who are shaping a better future

Who are your innovation heroes?

sabrina, this year, World IP Day is celebrating innovative, creative and enterprising change makers around the world who are building a sustainable future for everyone, everywhere.

Visit the World IP Day 2024 Gallery to nominate and meet inspiring inventors, creators, entrepreneurs and IP professionals who are using IP rights, or supporting the use of IP rights, to accelerate innovation and creativity, and whose work is helping achieve the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)!

Nominate and meet inspiring change makers

World IP Day Events Calendar

In a month, we’ll be celebrating #WorldIPDay! We invite you to upload details of your World IP activities to the World IP Day Events Calendar or register to any events already published.

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Curious to know how you can participate in World IP Day 2024 activities?

Join the World IP Day webinar!

Overview of WIPO and its activities – with a focus on World IP Day 2024

2‌ p.m.‌ – ‌3 p.m. (CEST)

April 9


Join this live webinar hosted by the WIPO Knowledge Center, in collaboration with the World IP Day team, introducing all campaign activities aimed at raising awareness of the importance of innovation, creativity and IP in helping to achieve the SDGs.

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