Release of Version 4 of the WCO Data Model

The World Customs Organization (WCO) has just unveiled version 4 of the WCO Data Model (DM v4), a crucial data foundation that has been driving global trade interoperability for over two decades.

The global trade landscape is rapidly changing as advancements in technology make data more accessible and governments make regulation adjustments to leverage these advancements. With the WCO DM v4, users are positioned at the forefront of these advancements, benefiting from significant improvements and comprehensive support for cutting-edge technologies.

One of the standout features of WCO DM v4 is the introduction of the WCO DM App, a free interactive web-based application providing users the ability to easily view, search, and compare data elements in the WCO DM without the need to navigate through multiple platforms. Additionally, the app provides access to guidance materials and other national information packages, drastically reducing the time it takes to perform key implementation tasks such as mappings.

As a tool for communicating information, data integrity in the WCO DM is imperative. Version 4 improves the quality of the WCO DM by resolving data redundancies and data inconsistencies. Simplified structures and building blocks are also provided, condensing the learning curve and making WCO DM v4 more user-friendly and easier to understand and implement.

New technological developments in Information and Communications Technology (ICT) systems offer significant technological advancements, leading to faster, more reliable, and efficient systems. As more service providers offer these technological services, the required investment decreases making modernizations more practical. Version 4 enables users to implement the WCO DM in a modern technological environment harnessing the latest electronic message formats and exchange protocols with support of the JSON message format and Open API.

Learn more about WCO DM v4.

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