IDB Approves New Country Strategy for Trinidad and Tobago on Digital Transformation

Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) President Mauricio Claver-Carone and Trinidad and Tobago Minister of Planning & Development Pennelope Beckles met today to discuss upcoming plans for the IDB’s work in Trinidad and Tobago, as well as the IDB’s work on digitalization and climate change in the Caribbean.

The IDB’s Board of Executive Directors approved a new country strategy with Trinidad and Tobago for the 2021-2025 period. The strategy aims to help the country implement its digital transformation agenda to achieve more sustainable and inclusive growth, which is the first pillar of the country’s medium and long-term post-pandemic development plan.

The new strategy will support the digital transformation of Trinidad and Tobago’s economy. The strategy focuses on three areas: improving the business environment to enable digital transformation; expanding the use of digital tools to improve educational outcomes and digital skills; and enhancing the delivery of services.

“This new strategy focuses on how the IDB and Trinidad and Tobago will work together to leverage digital transformation to promote sustainable and inclusive growth,” said IDB President Mauricio Claver-Carone. “We are committed to helping Trinidad and Tobago maximize the benefits of digitalization to empower the private sector, improve public services, and strengthen institutions and governance.”

The Bank’s main counterpart in country, the Ministry of Planning and Development, welcomed the continued strong partnership between the Bank and Trinidad & Tobago. IDB Governor and Minister of Planning and Development, The Honorable Pennelope Beckles, said, “It is indeed timely that the IDB’s new Country Strategy with the country will focus on Digital Transformation, given the priorities outlined in Vision 2030 and the Roadmap to Recovery.  Digital Transformation will be a critical factor in the post-pandemic recovery and Trinidad and Tobago has taken bold steps towards advancing this agenda including the establishment of a dedicated Ministry of Digital Transformation in 2021. The private sector has also signaled that this is an area of great priority to regain competitiveness. We look forward to working with the IDB to facilitate inclusive access to the benefits of digitalization for all stakeholders.”

A key element of the strategy focuses on using digitalization to bolster not only the public sector, and public sector services, but to empower the private sector and individual citizens of Trinidad and Tobago. The digitalization strategy will enhance and build on the IDB’s partnership with Trinidad and Tobago, which includes its ongoing engagement in key development sectors such as state modernization, urban development and housing, health, energy, transportation, water and sanitation, environment, and the blue economy.

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