Google and UNIDO brokering innovative ideas and technology solutions for the environment

UNIDO met representatives of Google to discuss digital innovation for sustainable development. The Director General, Gerd Müller, expressed UNIDO’s interest to bring in appropriate and feasible digital solutions and technology to developing countries to accelerate their efforts towards sustainable industrial and economic development. Focusing on the Organizations’ shared interests in sustainability, climate action and in the use of innovative digital solutions to address global development challenges, Google and UNIDO agreed to further explore partnership opportunities.

In the engagement with the Google team, UNIDO had the opportunity to learn about Google’s Environmental Insights Explorer (EIE) which provides innovative tools and data to help build a resilient and sustainable future. EIE uses unique data sources and modeling capabilities to strengthen policy planning, and help cities and regions measure emission sources, run analyses, and identify strategies to reduce emissions, thus creating a foundation for effective action.

Since Müller took the helm of leadership at UNIDO, the Organization has adopted the motto “Progress by innovation”. The sharing of knowledge and technology can be a central gateway to bringing the world back on track towards the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. As Director General, Müller is keen for UNIDO to be a leading platform for technology and knowledge transfer. Working with Google offers the opportunity to ensure that concrete and practical solutions are at the forefront.

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