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Global Technology Governance Summit 2021 Selected Events by eTrade for all

The Global Technology Governance Summit (GTGS) was organized on 6-7 April in virtual format. The summit aims to be the foremost global multistakeholder gathering dedicated to ensuring the responsible design and deployment of emerging technologies through public-private collaboration.

Here at eTrade for all, we hand-picked a selection of relevant events harnessing a few of the most pressing issues in the deployment of technologies. Watch the recordings :

Taxing Digital Value

Digital trade has continued to flourish during in the pandemic and governments enacted over 100 new digital taxes. How is the rise of cross-border digital services changing business models and national policies?

Closing the Digital Divide

While digital technologies enabled hundreds of millions to participate online during the pandemic, the 3.7 billion people without internet connectivity have fallen further behind. What are the most urgent and promising innovations in bridging the digital divide?

The Future of Digital Infrastructure

Public sectors with effective digital infrastructures have greater flexibility and resilience to deal with future risks and uncertainties. How will the role of 5G, quantum computing and AI at the edge evolve for the next generation of the public sector?

Digital Payments: Realizing the Vision

COVID-19 accelerated the uptake of cross-border digital payments, making it convenient for consumers to purchase goods and services around the world, but significant challenges persist. How can businesses, policy-makers and regulators reduce friction and improve connections between digital economies globally?

Future-proofing Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) represent 90% of businesses and half of employment worldwide, yet their slow adoption of new technologies risks exacerbating economic inequality and dragging down global industrial productivity. How can we make SMEs “future-ready” in a context of rapid technological change?

To discover the full list of events, visit the dedicated page from the World Economic Forum :