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Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) recognised as ‘key organisation’ by the Canton of Geneva

The Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) has the honour to be presented as a ‘key organisation in international Geneva in the digital policy field’, in the recently published Canton of Geneva Report Politique numérique: bilan et perspectives 2018-2023 (Digital Policy: Review and Prospects 2018-2023).
This report highlights the vitality of the Geneva digital ecosystem, and the efforts deployed in the last five years by local and Swiss authorities to make sure the Canton, and the City of Geneva remain a key actor in the international digital scene.
The report praises the work of the GIP, which is run by Diplo and supported by the Swiss Confederation and the Canton of Geneva.
Under ‘Objective 10: Positioning Geneva as a major player in digital governance’, the report recognises the GIP’s important role. It notes that the GIP:

  • Trains diplomats in digital issues which are debated at the ITU, WMO, WIPO, and other international organisations
  • Writes key summaries that are read around the world from all internet governance conferences
  • Effectively promotes Geneva as a central hub for conversations about the digital future

Moreover, the report places emphasis on two landmark publications by Diplo and the GIP: the Geneva Digital Atlas and the Tech diplomacy practice in the San Francisco Bay Area report.

The Geneva Digital Atlas, published in 2022, is a unique and comprehensive mapping of digital governance actors in Geneva. It has been made available widely to diplomatic missions and can be found here.

The Tech Diplomacy report analyses how different diplomatic representations interact with the San Francisco Bay Area ecosystem. The report was developed by Diplo in partnership with Swissnex in San Francisco and the Republic and State of Geneva.

We’re honoured to support Geneva’s long tradition as a hub where technology meets humanity. The original focus of EspriTech de Genève was on telegraph and telephone communication since the International Telecommunication Union was established in the 19th century. Today, digital is the main topic. The rapidly approaching ‘tomorrow’ is all about artificial intelligence. In all these tech-humanity junctures, Geneva is about ensuring that technology supports the fundamental human values of protecting lives, upholding human dignity, and realising our potential. The Geneva Internet Platform and Diplo support these noble goals through impactful innovation and the inclusion of missing voices in shaping our (digital) future.

Dr Jovan Kurbalija
Executive Director of Diplo and the Head of GIP

About the GIP

Since 2014, Diplo has been operating the Geneva Internet Platform (GIP) which provides a neutral and inclusive space for digital policy debates, digital policy monitoring and analysis, and capacity development.

Its activities are implemented through just-in-time briefings and events, policy research, and the Digital Watch Observatory which serves as a comprehensive one-stop shop for the latest digital policy developments, overviews, trends, events, actors, instruments, and other resources.

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