ERIA Discussed Data Governance and Operationalisation of DFFT in the Context of ASEAN

Secure and reliable access to data generated within and across borders is indispensable for the growth of the digital economy and the maintenance of a secure society. However, governments’ independent implementation of various data policies has resulted in a diverse and often restrictive landscape for data management.

During the Ministerial Session on the Future of Data Governance in Asia and Operationalisation of Data Free Flow with Trust (DFFT) in Singapore, Tetsuya Watanabe, President of ERIA, shared ERIA’s perspective on data governance and the operationalisation of DFFT in the context of ASEAN.

President Watanabe noted the rapid expansion of internet users and ongoing negotiations of the Digital Economy Framework Agreement (DEFA) among ASEAN countries. He emphasised the need for addressing digital readiness gaps within the region, particularly between micro, small, and medium-sized enterprises (MSMEs) and larger companies, to achieve a unified digital economy.

He further highlighted the global fragmentation of data governance across borders, emphasising the importance of DFFT in overcoming these challenges. DFFT, he explained, will facilitate the smooth connectivity of supply chains and production networks in this region while addressing challenges in data governance.

In conclusion, President Watanabe reiterated ERIA’s commitment to supporting the region in the operationalisation DFFT and serving as a knowledge partner for DEFA negotiations for ASEAN.

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