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Commonwealth launches a cybercrime and electronic evidence e-learning course

The Commonwealth Secretariat has launched a set of new foundational online courses designed to equip law enforcement officials, prosecutors and judicial officials with the skills necessary to investigate, prosecute and adjudicate over cybercrime cases involving electronic evidence.

The courses will allow criminal justice sector officials to gain a comprehensive understanding of key concepts of cybercrime law and to secure practical knowledge on the collection, preservation, analysis, authentication and admissibility of electronic evidence.

In addition, the courses cover essential procedural aspects like investigations, search and seize operations.

Recognising the need for international co-operation, the courses outline standard practices for securing cross-border data access, including through mutual legal assistance schemes.

Upon successful completion of the courses, participants will receive certificates, bolstering their professional development credentials and their capacity to effectively combat cybercrime in the region.

Speaking about the new courses, Dr Tawanda Hondora, Head of Rule of Law at the Commonwealth Secretariat, said:

“The Commonwealth Secretariat is committed to fostering a secure and resilient digital landscape across the Commonwealth and beyond. By equipping criminal justice officials with the requisite skills and knowledge, the new foundational online courses serve as an indispensable tool in the fight against the growing threat of cybercrime.

“Through enhanced capacity, improved co-operation, and harmonised practices, Commonwealth countries can benefit from the courses to effectively address the challenges posed by cybercrime and ensure that justice is served.”

The courses draw upon an array of well-known resources, including the Commonwealth Good Practice Guide on Digital Evidence and internationally recognised good practices, to promote a consistent and harmonised approach to investigating, prosecuting cybercriminals and handling electronic evidence.

By doing so, the new courses seek to promote greater collaboration between Commonwealth member countries on strengthening anti-cybercrime and cybersecurity efforts.

The course was developed by the Commonwealth Secretariat’s Cyber Unit in partnership with the United Kingdom Foreign Commonwealth and Development Office (FCDO).

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