Call for submissions of successful MSME cross -border digital payments solutions

As the payments ecosystem continues to evolve at an accelerated speed, the transfer of knowledge and improvement of best practices and policies to increase payment digitization becomes pivotal. We are excited to announce that in 2024 we are reactivating and enhancing our community, PAGA II.

Our first action will focus on identifying global or local successful use cases of digital payment solutions that enable MSMEs to conduct cross-border transactions. This aligns with the G20’s key objectives to enhance the speed and transparency of cross-border payments, increase access to these services, and reduce their costs.

Submission deadline

We invite you to submit successful use cases by October 11, 2024. These use cases should demonstrate how digital payment capabilities have alleviated the challenges faced by MSMEs in cross-border transactions. Solutions can range from products and services to regulations or policies fostering the participation of MSMEs in cross-border transactions.

Please submit your case studies through the following link. We recommend downloading the requested items in advance to allow time to prepare your content before submission.

You can also access a PDF version of the form here and send it to us via email.


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