Call for online training course Announcement : The Role of Technology and Innovation for African Businesses in Addressing the Impact of COVID-19

The overarching objective of this course, as a deliverable under the “Global initiative towards post-Covid-19 MSME sector” project, is to build awareness and capacities of entrepreneurs, businesses and policy makers in Africa on the role that technology and innovation can play in assisting businesses address the impacts of economic shocks such as Covid-19 and build resilience against future shocks.

The course is intended to be practical rather than academic in content and to make use of case examples to highlight how technology-based and innovative applications can help firms in Africa survive, grow and remain competitive in times of crisis and be better prepared at addressing the impacts of future economic shocks. The course will endeavor to showcase best practices from other regions that can have useful applications for African businesses. Challenges that firms can face to access technology and engage in innovation will be discussed, while recognizing that technology and innovation on their own are not panaceas to addressing firms’ problems in times of crisis and should be complemented by other policy tools. The structure of the course is as follows:

  • Module 1 (1st week – whole or partial): Introduction to Technology & Innovation and Concepts of  Relevance for SMEs, including Entrepreneurship;
  • Module 2 (1st week – whole or partial): COVID-19 and its implications on MSMEs with a focus on Africa;
  • Module 3 (2nd week – whole or partial): The State of Technology and Innovation in the World;
  • Module 4 (3rd week – whole or partial): Technology and Innovation to Mitigate the Impacts of Covid-19 on African MSMEs;
  • Module 5 (4th week – whole or partial): Barriers to Access to Technology and Innovation in Africa and Policy Recommendations for Improving Access of African MSMEs to Technology and Innovation

Type :
Online Course Self-paced Course

Programme Area :
 Technology and Innovation

Beginning of the course :
 July 12 – 12 August 2021

Duration :
4 Weeks

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Location :
Web Based E-Learning

Fee :
No Fee

Application Deadline :
 June 25th, 2021

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