Working group on measuring e-commerce and the digital economy, fourth meeting

Hand typing on keyboard and showing icons of digital services.
November 30
 – December 1

The Working Group aims to advance cooperation on measuring electronic commerce (e.commerce) and the digital economy and enhance the availability, quality, comparability, usability and relevance of statistics on e-commerce and the digital economy, with a view to supporting evidence-based policymaking, in particular in developing countries.

The Intergovernmental Group of Experts on E-commerce and the Digital Economy, at its sixth session in May 2023, agreed on the following topics for the fourth meeting of the Working Group:

  1. Progress in measuring e-commerce and the digital economy: Work by relevant international organizations.
  2. Measuring the value of e-commerce.
  3. Non-survey–based measurement of e-commerce and the digital economy.

Written contributions

Experts are encouraged to prepare and submit to the meeting brief papers (5–10 pages) related to one or more of the topics to be discussed. These papers will be made available at the meeting in the form and language in which they are received.

Contributions from international organizations, national statistical offices and other producers of official statistics are particularly welcome with regard to the following:

Recent examples of good practices and lessons learned in attempts to measure e-commerce, to inform topic (b)

National experiences of non-survey–based measurement of the digital economy, to inform topic (c)


This meeting is open to all member States of UNCTAD.

Other participants that may be invited include representatives from international organizations involved in measuring e-commerce and the digital economy; representatives from national, regional and international research networks in the digital economy; and specialists from civil society, the private sector and academia, as appropriate.

Such organizations are requested to inform UNCTAD of the names of their representatives by 27 October 2023.


Online registration is mandatory for all those wishing to attend the meeting and is required in order to be included in the list of participants.


The session will be held with physical participation in room XXVI of the Palais des Nations.

Those who cannot attend the meeting in person will be able to listen to the live audio stream. However, remote interventions will not be possible.

The link to listen live will be sent to registered participants, at the email address used for registration, one day in advance of the start of the meeting.