WIPO Conversation on Intellectual Property and Frontier Technologies

WIPO Conversation March 2023
March 29
 – March 30

The metaverse, a borderless, virtual world encompassing work, play, entertainment and more, is considered a next evolution of the Internet changing the world, as we know it. While the concepts are still emerging, there is a common understanding that the metaverse has the potential to unlock a completely new digital economy as it is transforming the global market place, processes, assets and enterprises worldwide.

The metaverse is a real opportunity to drive economic growth and bring its benefits to everyone, everywhere. With the digitalization going forward, IP will be one of the key drivers fostering innovation in technologies that will build the metaverse and in providing a basis for generating economic activity and growth.

Seventh session of the WIPO Conversation

The Seventh Session of the WIPO Conversation taking place on March 29 and 30, 2023 will have a look on wide spectrum of frontier technologies enabling the metaverse, such as AI, blockchain and the NFTs, emerging AR and VR technologies, the Internet of Things and data processing and discuss the challenges the metaverse poses to the existing IP system. It will seek to bring together all stakeholders to provide a map for navigating these challenges to ensure innovation continues to grow and develop for the benefit of all.