UPU Conference on Postal Regulation (S5)

UPU Conference on Postal Regulation (S5)
May 2
2:00 pm
 – 6:00 pm

The UPU Conference on Postal Regulation will be held on 2 May 2024 (during Council of Administration (CA) session S5), focusing on the theme of postal regulatory reform. It aims to explore new approaches and the evolving roles and responsibilities of the main actors in the postal sector. The panel sessions are to be preceded by a keynote speech on postal reform and the relevance of the postal service in a changing economic, technological and societal context.


14.00–14.10   Opening remarks

  • Mr Masahiko Metoki, Director General, UPU International Bureau

14.10–14.25   Keynote address

  • Prof Pier Luigi Parcu and Dr Anna Renata Pisarkiewicz, European University Institute

14.25–15.55   ​Panel 1 – Postal regulatory reform in the age of e-commerce

Panel 1 will address postal regulatory reform in the context of the declining letter mail market, the rapid growth of e-commerce, and the emerging needs of customers and societies for postal services.

The panel aims to explore the different approaches devised or adopted by postal regulators to respond to market trends, technological developments and customer demands in the era of e-commerce. Building on the discussion held at the last conference on the reinvention of the universal postal service in the age of global e-commerce, this discussion will address the postal service’s shifting focus from facilitating the exchange of correspondence to enabling access to the digital economy (e.g. access to e-commerce for small and medium-sized enterprises, businesses and citizens) and financial services.

ModeratorDr Rajeev Venugopal, representing Canada as Co-Chair of Council of Administration Committee 2


  • Mr Michael Birch, Director, Ministry of Transport (Denmark)
  • Mr Luis González, Postal Services Manager, Communications Services Regulatory Unit (URSEC) (Uruguay)

Panel changeover (5 minutes)

16.00–17.30   Panel 2 – Future orientations for a changing postal regulatory landscape 

Panel 2 will explore future orientations for an evolving postal regulatory landscape, including trends such as e-substitution and the expansion of e-commerce delivery markets, and shifts in consumer behaviour. This discussion will focus on the scope of postal regulation and the new competencies and approaches required to adapt to these trends.

The panel aims to delve into the evolving roles and responsibilities of regulatory authorities. These include harmonizing regulatory requirements to create a level playing field within a single framework for postal and delivery services, fostering collaborative regulatory approaches with other authorities to navigate emerging trends, and embracing innovative tools such as regulatory sandboxes. Moreover, the discussion will cover the adoption of new competencies and approaches for market monitoring, facilitation and development, to ensure that regulatory measures keep pace with rapid changes in the postal sector.

ModeratorMs Nermin Hassan, representing Egypt as Co-Chair of Council of Administration Committee 2


  • Mr Joost Callaert, Senior Advisor, Belgian Institute for Postal Services and Telecommunications (Belgium)
  • Mr Mohammed Alkharashi, Director, General Transport Authority (Saudi Arabia)​

​17.30–17.50   Main conclusions and takeaways

17.50–18.00   Closing remarks

  • Mr Marjan Osvald, Deputy Director General, UPU International Bureau