UNESCAP-ICAO-ICC-ADB Webinar on Challenges and Trends in Digitizing Multimodal Supply Chains

3:00 pm
 – 4:30 pm

During the COVID-19 pandemic, digitalization has gained unprecedented momentum globally and, in all sectors, including transport and logistics. At the same time, many supply chain disruptions have impacted cross-border trade as well as services and stakeholders of multimodal global value chains. The efficiency of today’s multimodal supply chains depends on optimized connectivity between the different transport modes, through seamless cargo freight transit flows across borders.

Next to increasing efficiency, the increased availability of advanced technological solutions, such as “plug & play” applications, have also enhanced the transparency and traceability of supply chain flows. Developing and harmonizing international standards in multimodal transportation can enhance integration and interoperability between different systems, and help facilitating cross-border trade by making multimodal supply chains run smoother, while ensuring safe, secure cargo transport.

As recent trends/studies see a substantial increase in the use of air freight, this webinar takes a closer look at air cargo as one of the critical transport modes, including need for its closer interaction with other modes of transport. To accelerate efforts in developing integrated multimodal transport, transit systems, and corridors, while also ensuring system interoperability, all stakeholders of multimodal supply chains need to work together. The webinar will review recent achievements and discuss challenges ahead in the push for increased interoperability between multiple modes of transport in supply chains.

Join this unique webinar that brings together stakeholders who will provide you with invaluable insights into these new systems and technologies that will accelerate supply chain digitalization in 2022 and unlock strong economic growth.

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