Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2023

UNCTAD - Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2023
September 19
 – September 20

Pioneering Solutions for Global Trade Challenges

Following the success of Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2022, an international event that attracted around 700 participants from over 100 countries, UNCTAD and the Global Alliance for Trade Facilitation are thrilled to announce the forthcoming edition of this groundbreaking initiative.

Trade Facilitation Innovation Days 2023 will continue to reshape and revolutionize the world of cross-border trade by bringing together a diverse community of trade facilitation experts, governments, logistics providers, industrial leaders, entrepreneurs, software developers, academics, think tanks, incubators, and many more stakeholders to advance innovation still needed in the world of international trade.

The two-day virtual series of events will address five topics:

  1. Trade Tech – Seizing the future: Harnessing the power of technology to streamline trade.
  2. Reinventing Supply Chains: Exploring how technology can reinforce resilience and drive greater efficiencies.
  3. Advancing E-commerce: Technology has made it possible – now it’s time to improve it.
  4. Risk Management – Embracing Adaptability: Using cutting-edge technologies to streamline compliance processes.
  5. Climate Smart Trade Facilitation: Accelerating clean energy transition in global trade.

The themes are then split again into sub-topics to allow for in-depth exploration of the potential innovative solutions.

Bringing together public and private stakeholders as panelists, the sessions hope to provide a platform for innovative ideas and exchange of hands-on experiences and takeaways to accelerate progress in tackling trade facilitation challenges.

Participation and Registration

The meeting will be streamed online via DHL and is open to all international trade professionals and enthusiasts around the world.

Registration is mandatory and participants must:

  • First, create an account on Indico.UN (for participants who do not already have an account)
  • and then, register for the event.

A link to the on-line forum will be sent to all registered participants before the forum begins.

Programme Timetable
03 Aug 2023