The Rise of Digital Economy: Post-Pandemic Recovery and Beyond | G20 Digital Innovation Network


G20 Digital Innovation Network (DIN) is a premier forum to share knowledge, encourage discussion and build partnerships among global innovation players. As the world faces global crises like pandemic, endemic, climate change and war conflict, collaboration and cooperation among countries and international ecosystem become imperative. It is crucial to foster the spirit of global collaboration, considering that securing future global economic growth and prosperities are in the G20 countries’ strategic role. Since G20 members represent more than 80% of the world’s GDP, 75% of international trade, and 60% of the world’s population, the local strength of the collaboration of these countries is indeed globally impactful.

Nowadays, seven out of the ten biggest companies in the world come from the technology sector. These startups bring technological innovations and tangible impact on the world economy and encourage collaboration between stakeholders and policies to make these solutions more accessible and scalable.

The G20 DIN was initiated by Italy in 2021 under the name G20 Digital Innovation League by selecting the ten best startups: ACT Blade, Biomicrogels Group, Dott, Ntechlab, Nalagenetics, Poka, Ruangguru, Sansure, Virtuo, and Zerynth. Since then, the name has changed to G20 Digital Innovation Network with this year’s aim to find the 100 most promising startups in 5 priority sectors: Healthcare, Renewable Energy, Smart Society, Financial Inclusivity, and Supply Chain.

Event Details

(Hybrid Event)

This forum will offer a variety of event sessions, including startup pitches, keynote speeches, panel discussions, cultural events, 1-on-1 business meetings, and world-class networking sessions.

The essence of this forum is to build a network between the public and private sectors and creates a digital platform to ease the introduction, communication, and collaboration between startups, venture capitalists, corporations, and policymakers.

It is about time you get immersed into the global startup ecosystem network.