Sanitation’s digital transformation: New developments for the SANIHUB platform

9:00 am
 – 11:00 am
 (Washington DC)

Meeting the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) on Sanitation, is a great challenge for all areas, both rural and urban, but especially in the peri-urban areas of large cities and in the large universe of small cities, where difficulties are greater. Even with a significant increase of investments in sanitation, adequate solutions to this problem will not arise without a paradigm shift, which includes a better use of available technologies, the participation of creative professionals and the implementation of new innovative technologies, in a traditionally “conservative” engineering field.

Considering the innovation experiences in the region, particularly in Brazil, where the condominial sanitation model arose, the possibility of using a free tool such as QGIS emerges as an idea to move forward with a digital proposal, aiming to support sanitation and water professionals when designing sanitation projects, and at the same time, promoting the interaction among professors, students, and other experts in the sector. Two years after the official launching event held to present the first design module developed, the SaniBID Basic Network, the tool has now evolved into a platform (SANIHUB), with new additional modules, developments and applications that are already changing the sanitation paradigm in the region. Within this framework, we invite you to join and participate in the webinar “Digital transformation of sanitation: new developments in the Sanihub platform”, so we may continue advancing in the digital transformation of the sector to achieve the SDG’s goals in sanitation.