Regional Workshop on E-commerce for CEECAC region

WTO Technical Assistance Management System
November 1
 – November 3

The Workshop will provide an overview of ongoing discussions at the WTO under the Work Programme on E-Commerce and the Joint Statement Initiative on E-Commerce, as well as highlighting current trends in global E-Commerce.

Selection Process
The Application Form must be returned, completed and signed by the candidate as well as by the nominating national authority which presents the candidate, via the Permanent Mission/Embassy to the WTO, to the Logistics Unit, WTO Institute for Training and Technical Cooperation.

Applications will only be considered from candidates who have experience and current job descriptions directly relevant to the subject of the Workshop. At equal level of competence, preference will be given to applicants for whom the training will be most relevant. Prior participation in WTO training activities in these areas (or equivalent training provided by another competent international organization) would be considered an advantage. Alternatively however, applicants may also show commensurate knowledge or professional experience.


Key Result
Government officials are implementing WTO Agreements and fully realising Members’ rights and obligations

Key Output
Government officials have enhanced knowledge about WTO Agreements, trade policy formulation and conduct of trade negotiations