Procurement for Smart and Sustainable Cities: Innovative mechanisms for Digital Transformation

3:00 pm
 – 4:30 pm

In the quest for driving digital transformation in the urban domain, the concept of smart and sustainable cities is being embraced as a means for facilitating innovation in designing urban futures in an increasingly data-centric urban ecosystem. To make this execution a reality, strategic procurement practices need to be employed in a fair, open, transparent manner to secure digital products and services across sectors such that the benefits of digital transformation percolate to all sections of society.

This webinar will delve into the key smart city procurement mechanisms and measures along with the core challenges. The Webinar will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the ongoing work on the U4SSC deliverable – “Procurement Guidelines for Smart Sustainable Cities”, which aims to underscore the importance of public spending lifecycle for smart and sustainable cities – from planning, informing the market, evaluation and award and managing delivery of services.

The draft report will be made available online for additional insights so please stay tuned.