Partner2Connect (P2C) Digital Development Roundtable


The Partner2Connect (P2C) Digital Development Roundtable will be an open global event spanning over three days from Tuesday 7 June to Thursday 9 June 2022 in Kigali, Rwanda. The Roundtable is an integral part of the World Telecommunication Development Conference (WTDC) and will be held in a hybrid format.

It will give an opportunity for member states, private sector, academia, civil society, international organizations, and other entities to announce their pledges related to the P2C Digital Coalition and advance together digital transformation for all.

Over the course of three days, several high-level panels will take place, which will be complemented by breakout sessions, spotlight sessions and networking opportunities to create a vibrant and inspiring experience. The high-level sessions and spotlight sessions will also be accessible virtually.

Through the Digital Development Roundtable, participants will be informed about the needs, commitments, and resources available from each stakeholder to bridge the digital divide and be able to forge new partnerships for universal meaningful connectivity. Due to the high demand, speaking opportunities will be allocated in a first come first served basis.

Stay tuned for more info as the preparations progress.