New Economy Forum: AI Digital Gap: Making AI Accessible to All

April 17
3:00 pm
 – 4:30 pm

AI is increasingly reshaping economies, societies, and growth trajectories. While its potential is immense, ensuring the equitable distribution of its benefits has become a pressing concern for policymakers, economists and technology firms both domestically, and globally. This event will explore the conditions required to benefit from this AI revolution – ranging from infrastructure and human capital to fiscal measures – and the potential risks to deepen inequalities and trigger geopolitical tensions.


  • Jennifer Schonberger, Yahoo Finance


  • Era Dabla-Norris, FAD Deputy Director, IMF
  • Christine Qiang, Director of Digital Development, WB
  • Michael Pisa, Google Global Economic Policy
  • Crystal Rugege, Managing Director, Centre for the Fourth Industrial Revolution, Rwanda