LKD FORUM 2021 – Digital Skills for an Inclusive Future


The COVID-19 pandemic has led to a leap in the digitalization of learning, working and connecting with others, but it has also exposed a serious digital divide that reinforces social and economic disparities.

Under the theme Digital Skills for an Inclusive Future, and through a combination of plenary sessions, expert-led workshops, and networking opportunities, the LKDF Forum 2021 will provide a virtual venue to discuss the future of skills and jobs. In particular, how to seize the opportunities of digital technologies to ensure an inclusive future, empowering the most vulnerable and leaving no one behind.

The Learning and Knowledge Development Facility (LKDF) is a platform that promotes industrial skills development among young people in emerging developing economies. The LKDF supports the establishment and upgrading of industrial training academies to help meet the labor market’s increasing demand for skilled employees, ultimately contributing to inclusive and sustainable industrial development (ISID).

For many developing countries, access to quality educational systems and training programs is not adequate to meet new demands and address technological, social and environmental challenges. Uncoordinated dialogue between governments and national and international private companies affects the development and sustainability of a modern Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) system.

UNIDO identifies and collaborates with public, private and development partners (SDG17) to develop and scale-up training centers to address the skills gap in developing countries. Our training and innovative curricula equip young female and male students with demand-driven skills and future skills requirements to seize the opportunities of technological progress (SDG4, SDG9).

By establishing Public-Private Development Partnerships (PPDP), UNIDO and partners design, establish, sustain, and upgrade training centers and curricula. The PPDP projects support social and environmental standards, such as gender equality and women empowerment (SDG5) and climate resilience (SDG13).