Joint WCO–UPU Global Conference

WCO UPU Global Conference 2023
June 6
 – June 8

The conference is jointly organized by the World Customs Organization (WCO) and the Universal Postal Union (UPU), hosted by the Japan Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, Japan Customs and Japan Post, under the theme “Challenges and opportunities for cross-border e-commerce through cooperation between Customs and Posts”.

The joint global conference will bring together policy and decision-makers, as well as operational experts from Customs and DOs around the world, for discussions. Its goal is to explore various topics relating to common challenges, seek cooperation opportunities between DOs and Customs, and identify related policy orientation with a view to implementation in a standardized and harmonized manner.

Delegates are invited to visit and register online for the event by 28 April 2023 at the latest. To that end, please use one of the following registration codes: UPUOP23 (for UPU member designated operators), UPUPOST23 (for UPU member governmental authorities), PSCGCCMEM23 (for UPU Consultative Committee members), WCOUPUSP23 (for moderators or speakers). Accommodation, visa requirements and other logistical information will also be published on the conference website shortly.

Should your representatives have any further questions or comments regarding this first joint WCO–UPU global conference, including regarding the agenda, please request them to contact the members of the WCO–UPU conference team ([email protected], [email protected]).