Introducing GSR+: interconnected virtual regional and global events for the regulatory community


The 21st Global Symposium for Regulators Programme (GSR+21) will be held from April to June 2021, with all meetings and sessions online, and including new options and features. Regional Sessions will be held from April to June (see dates below), and core sessions from 21 to 25 June 2021 under the theme:
Regulation 4 digitaltransformation: Accelerating inclusive connectivity, access and use. Core sessions will focus on:​

  • Connectivity 4 digital transformation: regulatory enablers
  • Financing to achieve affordable connectivity, and meaningful access and use​
  • Regulation 4 Innovation
  • Safe digital inclusion – Child Online Protection
  • Partnerships 4 digital transformation​

As it was the case last year, in this edition, in addition to the high-level panels on topical and cutting edge policy and regulatory issues, GSR will bring you more interactive sessions and trainings, bringing together regulators and policy makers from around the world and providing a platform for discussions: ​

  • ​Heads of Regulators Executive Roundtable
  • ITU-USTTI training | Training re​gistration
  • Road2Addis Series: Lead2Connect | event registration​
  • Regulatory Associations’ Meeting
  • Industry Advisory Group on Development Issues and Private Sector Chief Regulatory Officers​ (IAGDI-CRO)
  • Generation Connect @GSR
  • Network of Women for WTDC (NoW4WTDC)