HLPF 2024 High-level Side Event: Just transitions towards sustainability: trajectories to accelerate progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) through Food Systems, Energy and Digital Transitions in Latin America and the Caribbean

July 15
New York

Halfway to the deadline set for the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), only 22% of the targets have been or are expected to be implemented by 2030 in Latin American and Caribbean. The remaining 78% of the targets are at risk of not being met unless transformative action is taken. The United Nations Sustainable Development Group issued a call in 2023 to accelerate six central transitions pertaining to (i) food systems; (ii) energy; (iii) digitalization; (iv) education; (v) jobs and social protection; and (vi) climate change, biodiversity loss and pollution and get back on track towards 2030. The side event will analyze selected transitions from the viewpoint of Latin America and the Caribbean, focusing on concrete examples from the areas of food systems, energy and digitalization and their multiplier effects on several SDGs while simultaneously highlighting the linkages of the transitions with the UN Global Compact Forward Faster initiative, which challenges companies to raise their ambition by taking tangible, accountable actions in the areas of living wage, gender equality, climate, water and sustainable finance. CEOs, investors and industry leaders from the private sector will meet senior government authorities and policymakers to discuss the region’s experiences in boosting just transitions towards sustainability, with tangible trajectories to accelerate progress towards the SDGs.