Environmental Resilience: Effectively manage and achieve a sustainable supply chain Red Overlay

November 22
2:00 pm 
– 3:00 pm

What will the session be about? 

Historically, organizations have focused on establishing a transparent, ethical, and stable supply chain, seeing it as critical to achieving organizational resilience.

We are now however seeing a shift, where industries are looking more to the environmental aspects of ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance), rather than just social.

This webinar will explore how businesses are aligning procurement processes with corporate sustainability initiatives, qualifying potential suppliers and mitigating the risks associated with managing complex supply chains at scale.

BSI can help you achieve your sustainability goals for your supply chain whatever they may be, for any organization large or small – at the beginning of your sustainability journey or at a point where extra support can help you to achieve objectives and progress onto the next step.

Join us on Tuesday 22 November where our experts will take you through a path of how to effectively manage and achieve a sustainable supply chain.

Topics Covered: 

  • Defining ESG and key challenges that organisations are facing
  • A systems-based approach to managing risk within your supply chain
  • Linking cost driven procurement decisions with your sustainability strategy
  • The scale dilemma: engagement vs audit and monitoring
  • Know what international and other standards are applicable along this journey