Digital transformations in Skills and Lifelong Learning systems: Challenges and enabling factors

July 25

Masterclass Series: The SKILLS Bridge

This episode of “The SKILLS Bridge” Masterclasses explores how digital transformation can enhance TVET programs in developing countries, showcasing successful practices from Singapore and India and discussing the use of digital technology in Skills and Lifelong Learning systems while addressing barriers and enablers for technology adoption.

This episode of the SKILLS Bridge” Masterclasses will discuss the potential and challenges represented by digital transformation for Skills and LLL systems, with a particular focus on the innovative pathways available to strengthen TVET systems and programs in developing countries. Through the presentation of good practices from Singapore and India, the audience will be given key insights in how to harness the potential of digital technologies to enhance the skilling, reskilling, and upskilling of the workforce to meet the increasing dynamism of labour markets and challenges emerging from a variety of global drivers. The key topics the webinar will address are:

  • Innovative use of digital technology in Skills and Lifelong Learning systems and programmes
  • Barriers and enablers for benefiting from the innovations in technology


Anyone interested in improving skills and lifelong learning systems around the world can join these Masterclasses. There are no fees.

Coordinator and moderator of Masterclass series

  • Ashwani Aggarwal ([email protected])
  • Team Leader (Skills Policy, Systems and Digitalization), ILO Geneva