Digital Innovation Profile: Co-Creation Workshop

April 17
 – April 18

A Digital Innovation Profile (DIP) aims to provide an accurate assessment of the country’s ecosystem capacity and maturity to help its stakeholders navigate through the innovation landscape with a view to building a competitive, sustainable, ICT-enabled economy. The DIP for Albania is being prepared in collaboration with the Ministry of Infrastructure and Energy, stakeholders from the country and experts from Telecommunication Development Bureau of ITU.

Through a collaborative and co-creative approach, a DIP engages with stakeholders to understand the ecosystem and the role of its stakeholders, as well as to identify opportunities to accelerate innovation in the country.

In a step towards building this DIP for Albania, a wider pool of multistakeholder audience will be invited to participate in a two-day DIP Co-Creation Workshop, which will be led by ITU and facilitated by the Ministry, in Tirana from 17 – 18 April 2024.

The planned activities for the two-day workshop are intricately interconnected and will focus on:

  1. Assessing and reviewing the enablers in the ecosystem that unlock critical resources essential for digital transformation.
  2. Analysing and understanding the specific actions required from each stakeholder group to support the entrepreneurial journey.
  3. Recommending and prioritising key actions, policies, platforms, and programs needed to address the gaps in the ecosystem.

This engagement seeks to empower stakeholders in harnessing Albania’s full potential through digital technologies. By precisely diagnosing the country’s capacity for digital innovation, we aim to develop concrete projects that position Albania as a digital leader in the region. This initiative envisions an ecosystem where innovators have access to the resources, programs, and opportunities needed to build their communities, accelerating the achievement of the national development agenda.

Additional resource for capacity building

The workshop serves as a dual-purpose platform: not only as an opportunity to evaluate the ecosystem and be involved in the process of coming up with relevant strategies and recommendations to expedite innovation in the country but also as a capacity-building initiative for stakeholders. It offers a chance for representatives to acquire valuable skills in participating and contributing to their ecosystem. Additionally, attendees may opt for a self-paced, free certificate training course, enhancing their understanding and enabling active engagement in opportunities that support the development of the DIP.